I found the recent Katie and Peter Andre split interesting recently. Although I do think they genuinely loved each other and were well suited, the entirety of their relationship was played out in front of the camera. It seems to be the way people live their lives now. Where would we be on a Sunday morning without people's online drunken photos from their night out?

Being one of the many people who use social networking sites, I do love them but only if you use them in the right way. For me they're invaluable for keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world, and most importantly, seeing photos of my little nephew growing up. I know I make references to my relationship in this blog but I do think you have to know when to draw the line and witness, every day, people sharing too much online.

One of my creative writing tutors always used to say to us; show, don't tell. Basically instead of writing 'she was sad' you find a way to describe the atmosphere to reflect the emotion. That applies to life too. It's always the people that say 'I'm so happy' or 'I'm mad, me!' that are actually not what they pretend to be. If someone is genuinely happy/talented/in love, you can see it, they don't need to tell you - it's their in the light in their eyes and the glow of their skin.

In the world of myspace, facebook, twitter, and youtube, everyone can be famous for fifteen minutes, as Andy Warhol said. So in a world where everybody is a celebrity, celebrity ceases to excite. I put my hands up and say I have a myspace, facebook, and twitter page. I use facebook the most and it is pretty time consuming. But it's not real life.

It's like all those Nintendo Wii games. I have had a go on them and they are pretty fun. But I do feel that when people rave about the latest bowling/tennis/snowboardiing game, I don't get people who would rather stay indoors, and play those games on a console, than get out in the real world and play them for real. But I guess thats the difference between gamers and non gamers, and of course finances have a part to play in taking part in those sports for real.

So I am going to post this blog now, spend a bit of time on my facebook, and then switch the laptop off, get out in the garden and catch some sunshine. The virtual world's great but I much prefer the real world.


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