The Hard Sell

It's struck me recently that, more than ever, sales people really seem to be going for the hard sell. I don't know if it's just to try and make more money or becase of the credit cunch, but I have developed some new skills of my own. They include saying firmly 'no thanks I'm not interested' and 'I'll come back when I have the money, I'm just trying them on for now.' Whether I actually have the money or want said item isn't actually afactor in my decisions -the fact of the matter is I HATE pushy salespeople.

I have just recently started going to The Body Shop again after not going there at all for a couple of years. The main reason for this is that I didn't leave near one plus, to be honest, I felt they had sold out a bit. I am a big advocator of the whole 're-using carrier bags' things and I remember being shocked that a brand such as the Body Shop would just shove a customer's purchase in a carrier bag without asking if they want one - in my mind The Body Shop is synonymous with environental friendliness and fighting for global issues.

I have to say I was EXTREMELY impressed with my visit. So much so I have gone back there nearly every weekend since. The girl who helped me did really try and push some products, but she was so helpful, I understood they have to try and get the commission, I went there a couple of months ago to ask about the Shimmer Cubes Gok Wan raves about. They were very helpful and told me how to apply them - dry for a daytime look and wet for a dramatic evening look.

I have to share this embarrassing fact now -THE BODY SHOP SHIMMER CUBES HAVE CHANGE MY LIFE! They also gave me the tip that will stay wth me for life - don't rub products under your eyes, pat them or you will get lines. I was also given a sample of the Vitamin E eye stuff which has worked wonders on my dark circles under your eyes so I went back and bought the full size one. I don't think anyone has ever commented on my dark circles but I was conscious of them, I think I must have vitamin B12 deficiency cos I always get plenty of sleep. The make up brushes are also fantastic. You wouldn't think make up brushes could make such a big difference to your make up but they do. They are quite pricey though £8+ each so I am getting them one at a time. So far I have the eye smudger (for the whole lid), the lip/concealer brush(for lip gloss/stick/concealer) and the slanted brush (for a fine line of shadow or eyeliner.) I have used their body butter all over every day for years and it makes my skin so soft and smooth. So The Body Shop gets my thumbs up.

I went to Clarks yesterday to try on some shoes. I had seen some that promised 'air cushioned soles' - my feet have been getting so sore as I walk a lot more now, up and down stairs all day at work, and from bus stop to train station and tran station to work every day. The ones I wanted were light blue and I was thrilled to rediscover that Clarks do half sizes - I tried on a 3&1/2. They were a perfect fit and so I told the member of staff that i would come back for them in 2 weeks when I got paid - I had the money but am being a bit more spenthrift this month. Boyf came in to join me after buying the Guardian from Smiths and when I said they'd ftted and I was going to wait tll payday to get them he said he's buy them for me! My initial reaction was to protest - I'm still getting used to being with someone who treats me and doesn't scrounge and steal from me like my ex. At the till I struggled not to laugh when the salesman suggested a handbag to go with the shoes and some shoe protector liquidy stuff. I firmly told him that I could always come back for that and all I wanted that day was the shoes. I understand they have to push their products but it drives me crazy! Boyf insisted on buying me the shoes so I left the shop a very happy bunny.

I also went to HMV yesterday. When I was buying the new Green Day album 21st Century Breakdown - their best album yet- the member of staff asked me if I was interested in a Reward card. I asked what it was, expecting it to be like the Boots Advantage card. They told me it wasn't a loyalty card or a store card. but you could get 'loads of cool stuff'. Hmm specific. I asked what kind of stuff and they said 'stuff money can't buy like signed guitars and going to film premieres.' I may be dull but I'd rather have points to redeem in store, I wouldn't have room in the house for a signed guitar! Needless to say I didn't get a 'Reward' card.

I guess I would always rather make up my mind about buying something rather than be pushed into it, in all areas of my life not just shopping. That's why I decided off my own back to return to The Body Shop and get the eye stuff and the make up brushes. Non-pushy salespeople do it for me. The only way we're ever going to get out of this credit crunch is to stop pressuring people to spend money they haven't got . Easier said than done.


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