Lost&Found, or a Love Story for the 21st century

I have recently written a poem called 'Lost&Found, or a Love Story for the 21st Century.' It's for the Poetry Society's National Poetry Competition, and you aren't allowed to publish it in any form yourself, so I can't put it in my blog or send out to any of my supporters online. That's okay, it's for 1 special person anyway...

It's 2 years today since I met boyf. My previous relationship was my first major relationship lasting for 5& 1/2 years and, in a nutshell, was something I would rather forget.

I can't describe fully how nice it is to be with soemone who treats me with respect, kindness, consideration, and equality. Sometimes boyf looks at me and I look away, it's so intense. Not in a bad way, but before I was used to someone looking at me because they wanted something . I'm finally getting used to being with someone that treats me nicely and it's a good feeling.

This is gonna be a short blog cos I wanna get some prezys sorted for boyf. Not prezys you can buy, but a CD with songs that make me think of him, print out or hand write neatly the poem which is about him, and cook a romantic dinner tonight.

Money really can't buy you love and I feel cherished, lucky, and loved.

I was lost and broken, and I found love again, it's the only thing that matters.


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