Real World vs Virtual World

I haven't blogged in over a month. There was a time when I would blog religiously every Sunday, well it is God's day... I have been spending my the real world!

So many things(mainly good) have happened in the past month, I've barely had time to catch my breath.

In that time I've(deep breath)...been for a Roast and pot of tea at a Michellin starred pub(surprisingly reasonable and yummy), been to Cellar Door open floor poetry night at The Bear and Billet in Chester(you can tell how long it's been since I've blogged as I'm going to the next one tomorrow), been to the dentist-finally found a good one in Chester and had a wisdom tooth out, voted - after much persistence, a local council screw up meant I nearly couldn't, had 2 make up lessons- Benefit and No.7, been to Delamere forest for the first time in nearly 3 years, been to a 2 day conference in Manchester, had 2 brain crushing migraines- hecticness catching up with me, opened an ISA, gone on a 1 day course in Salford, had an awesome weekend of partying with my friend who lives in Manchester, been to see Sex and The City 2 - verdict, loved it, did a telephone conference with the people I met at said conference who live all over England, Scotland, and Wales, and been to the first barbecue in I can't remember how long.

I will admit I am a big fan of facebook and twitter. Facebook more so, letter writing seems to (for the most part) have gone out of fashion so, although I write to my parents, sister and grandparents, using social networking allows me to keep up to date with my friends and family, who are scattered all over the country and indeed the globe. Having said that though, I much prefer face to face catch ups over facebook chat. Sarcasm and virtual winks aren't a patch on genuine quality time with loved ones.

One thing that surprises me is how people can take social networking too far, I've already acknowledged I like and use these sites, but I do feel there are people who tweet their every movement and update from their 'escape from the rat race' holidays. If they're escaping why don't they switch off their Blackberry? I will be the first to admit I sometimes update my facebook status and add a few photos when I'm visiting my family, but that's mainly to do with filling a spare five minutes when my sister's changing my nephew or freeing up camera space!

This afternoon I'm going to spend a bit of time doing my make up(use some of those new tricks!), attempt to curl my hair using my new GHDs, then go for a walk to the park. I'd wanted GHDs for a few years, and finally bit the bullet and bought some. I won't be using them every day as my hair is poker straight anyway, but I have been working my socks off recently, so thought I'd reward myself.

So turn off your Wii, get outside and play real tennis rather than the virtual kind, and let the sun shine down on your face rather, than through your window. The real world beats the virtual one, hands down.


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