I found out yesterday that a guy I did my Imaginative Writing degree with has died. I was just idly flicking through old uni friends Facebook pages and noticed a message on his page referrring to his death, scrolling back up I was horrified to read that he died in 2008. We weren't close friends, one of the reasons why I won't mention his name in this post, but I remember him. He was the same age as I am now when he died.

I can't explain why this shocked me to the core. I was idling away at my laptop, sipping wine and debating whether or not to go out or not when I made the discovery. I spent some time looking through his page, trying to piece together what had happened, when I was(gladly) interrupted by my mobile ringing and an invitation to go and watch some bands at a local pub. I was ready to go out in less than ten minutes - by then I needed another drink.

Drinking of Jack Daniels, and a Cosmoplitan- I can try to be like Carrie Bradshaw!- followed, leaving me nice and blurry. I felt lucky to be alive.

The nature of my job also daily brings me into contact with people living in extreme poverty, trapped in a cycle of money and health worries. After a particularly bad work week, on Friday night I went to see George Clooney's latest movie, Up in the Air. Not only was it a golden opportunity to ogle gorgeous George(I like older men!), I found when I got home I couldn't stop thinking about the different messages the film sent out, mainly that a career when you are away from your friends and family can be a lonely one, and also that when you give people bad news, you can never be sure how they will react.

My job is one that makes me feel lucky - lucky to have a job, my health, and (just about enough) money to get by. Having almost lost my health at one point I appreciate it more than you could imagine. Having also had periods without work, I also feel grateful every day to be working, something I always think of when I hear people moaning about their jobs, because what are the alternatives? Of course I would love to be a full time writer one day, but for now I need a job to pay the bills.

I've also had some great offers from friends this week for nights out, so my diary is starting to fill up nicely - I have a lot to look forward to. Getting the news I did yesterday has only reaffirmed what I always believe - you never know what's around the next corner.


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