Back to the start

I've been thinking this week about what happens when you go back to people or things from your past. A person, a pair of shoes, or a habit - is going back always a bad thing?

I always used to think so but now I'm not so sure. Those of you who are thinking 'hope she's not going back to that loser she broke up with nearly 3 years ago' have nothing to fear. I feel physically sick thinking I put up with someone like that for so long.

In other lives and loves, what is the pont in being apart from someone you love if it hurts both of you more to be apart? Is starting from scratch again not a bad thing when you've learnt from your mistakes and are going about things a different way? The jury's still out on that one.

In the week to come I am meeting up with a friend from sixth form who I haven't seen for around 6 years. We never fell out or anything like that, just lost touch. Thanks to getting back in touch through facebook, I am going round - she lives in Liverpool- for some wine and a good old catch up next weekend. That's the plus side of social networking sites.

I am also planning to go and see another friend in Manchester at the end of February. We were at high school together and a year or so ago, also through facebook, discovered we lived nearish to each other. Being one of the few - it seems so anyway- of my friends who isn't part of the married with baby(s) club, it will be nice to catch up with a like minded single girl for some alcohol shaped fun!

I have still been doing lots of writing, which is great, I have promised myself to start entering lots of writing competitions again. That's how my 'Chester Map' poem got published nearly a year ago, after all. I have so many poems now, I really need to sit down in the library with a copy of the Writers and Artists yearbook and hunt out some poetry publishers. These poems ain't gonna publish themselves.


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