Blankets of snow

It's been a funny old week. First week living in the tenth address I've had in ten years, and to complicate matters slightly, the UK has ground to a halt due to the biggest snowfall in my lifetime.

I have moved house so many times I've kind of got used to making myself feel at home pretty quickly. One week in and everything is unpacked, just got to do some ironing now! It's funny how in a few years you can change so much, and things that would have driven me mad in houseshares a few years ago just go over my head.

Things have been pretty up and down when it comes to matters of the heart. I've had moments where my heart has hurt so much I've felt as though the pain will never end. But I've also had epiphanies where I think I am starting to feel like a whole person again that can adapt and change to what life throws at me.

I've also lost weight, part heartbreak diet, part eating less and exercising more. It's not rocket science. My trusted Hotpants Workout DVD works every time. I wouldn't say I'm trying to lose weight per se, but there is a certain way that I like my body to look and it seems as though it is heading back that way now. It's kind of twisted but when my Mum says 'you're too skinny' I know I look the way that I want to.

Work has been stressful this week, I actually managed to get there every day which was no mean feat considering I live 20 miles from where I work. Luckily living near the train station now means no standing in the cold waiting for buses, and brisk walking to the station - well as brisk as you can get when the pavements resemble an ice rink.

So when I got an invitation to check out the local watering holes I would have been rude to turn it down...cue much drinking of Jack Daniels, which - sorry Mum- resulted in me falling out of bed. My Mum wouldn't appove of that but hey, we've all been there. It was definitely what I needed and, although the next day I was fuzzy headed, I was happy.

This year so far seems to have brought a couple of break ups and it can't be coincidence. Maybe people have started the new decade and new year thinking they don't want to be with someobody romantically any more, or they have re-evaluated their life and put other things before love.

It may sound like a lack of organisation but I never like to plan too far ahead. Because if you plan your life out in minute detail and something foils that plan, what are you going to do? I am much more of a 'take each day as it comes' type these days.

So I am taking footprints in the snow, not erasing what's there, but building on it.


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