Filling The Void

Life is a funny old thing.  We fill our days with people, and things, and complain that we're always busy, yet when we have time to ourselves we don't know what to do with it.

Recently I've had a lot of time to myself for one reason or another.  It's strange because I am happy in my company, but I also believe there's such a thing of too much time to yourself.

It strikes me time and time again that once you've moved away from where you grew up(as many of us have although I appreciate others never have or indeed want to), especiaaly if you've lived in the same area until adulthood, you can never have all the people you love in the same room together(or very rarely if you do.)

Wherever I am I am always missing somebody, whether it's friends I haven't seen in far too long, my sister, or my little monkey nephew.  I suppose you could say it is better to miss people than to be sick of the sight of them, but I'd appreciate some middle ground sometimes.

So, I've been filling my days with work, working out(yoga feeds the soul!), trying to be a domestic diva and shedloads of writing related activities.  I am currently helping edit a poetry anthology which I am very excited about.  I've also just finished NaPoWriMo, where I wrote 30 poems in 30 days.  Also featured on a national website as 'Poetess with the Mostest.'

Really, there is a lot going on.  Maybe I'm just not very good at sitting around relaxing.  Ways to fill the void when acres of time stretch out in front of me include watching episodes of Sex and The City on DVD while my very own Mr Big is away from me, cooking, and shopping(someone keep me away from River Island.)

Time apart from those you love definitely makes you appreciate them more.  Normally I'm rushing round trying to get everything done. But for now I'm filling the void...


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