It's Complicated...

I read an article recently that pretty much said Facebook should ditch their 'in a relationship' and 'single' statuses, leaving everyone under the same very broad category. I have to admit I agree. Until they invent categories like 'living with boyfriend but never want to get married', 'friends with ex' and 'heart broken' I doubt I'm the only one that doesn't really know where they fit.

Maybe it's society's way of putting us all into boxes - anyone who caught the first episode of ITV1's 'Married Single Other' will have seen that most of us are in between boxes, or our growing obsession with knowing what people are doing ALL the time? Who can say.

At times it seems like most of my friends are married. I'm sure if you looked at the statistics this isn't the case, but there hasn't been a year since 2006 when a little white card hasn't come through the letterbox, asking for the pleasure of my company, at someone's special day. I have to say it is very touching to be invited to anybody's wedding.

So far I've made it to 3. Been invited to more than that but for one reasons or another-2 of them were on the same day!- I haven't made it to them all. This wasn't a personal aside on anybody, just often a case of the wrong place at the wrong time. The amount it costs to go to somebody's wedding is about the same as a week abroad, once you've factored in an outfit, accommodation-because when is a wedding EVER on your doorstep?-, travel, gift and card, and the bar bill that you ran up to try and make the number of people saying 'So! When is it going to be your turn?' change the subject.

All 3 of the weddings I've had the pleasure to attend have been fabulous, in very different ways. The pagan wedding where the happy couple had to 'jump the broomstick' was memorable. Seeing two friends, who I'd helped set up on their first date, tie the knot 5 years later made me feel like Cilla! And watching one of my best friends, who I'd played weddings with in the playground, say her vows for real made me so proud to be part of her special day.

So as far as I'm concerned, life is simple for married people. But I'm sure married people would say differently. Sometimes I feel it can be a bit 'us and them' between singles and married people. But we are probably more similar than we care to admit.

Speaking of single ladies, I had the most amazing weekend ever last weekend. Went to stay in Manchester(only an hour on the train) with a friend from school who is now a student at the uni there. it was funny because we hadn't spent a long stretch of time together for years and although we'd met up for a coffee and eventual pint 6 months ago, so much had happened with both of us in that time, we had loads to catch up on.

Also single, spending time with my friend reminded me just how much fun being single is, on the first night we didn't get to sleep until 5AM the next day and the birds were tweeting, the next night was equally as good. It was a non stop medley of eating drinking, and dancing, and I honestly can't remember the last time I'd had such a good weekend.

So although the last few months have been kind of up and down, with a lot of heartbreak and emotional turmoil, I feel as though the future holds a lot of fun and possibility. Being 27 has been fantastic, and I hope being 28 - in 9 days-will be even better. Maybe in time, things will become clearer. But for now, it's complicated...


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