I like my face

This is just going to be a quick one as I swear I am not going to spend more time reading other people's blogs than writing my own. Well alright then I will. But it IS research, honest...

I turned 28 this week. I know in the scheme of things that is not 'old' and there are people who do not even live to see that age, so I am truly lucky and blessed to have people who I love and who love me, a good job, and (relative) financial security.

But 28 sounds so much older than 27. It does. I don't know why, and certain people - you know who you are!- think it's funny to say 'you're even closer to 30 now!' Thanks guys. I did know that but y'know, it really helped remind me that you pointed it out.

The positive thing though is that I (shock horror) am beginning to like myself more. It sounds like a simple thing, but when you're a single(i.e not married) woman in your 20s with no children(but a gorgeous nephew :)), you can feel a bit like a circus freak. And being bombarded by airbrushed images in magazines means you constantly compare yourself to the rich and famous.

Looking in the mirror the last few months I have started thinking: I like my face. It's not a complete epiphany. But it's a start...


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