Tall Poppy syndrome

Last night was Cheryl Cole's debut solo performance on the X factor. I have to confess that I have become addicted to this years X factor, for the first time ever. I love live music and have quite eclectic tastes, so Jamie Afro is my favourite.

In the week leading up to the weekend's performance, much has been written in the media about how Cheryl was intended to be miming, as the record company say "nobody wants to see her fail." Although at first I found that laughable, but on reflection it actually makes sense. If she'd sang live and screwed up she would have been criticised. If she mimed she would have been slated. People in this country, especially the media, really love to build people up only to tear them down.

I think it's definitely a (mostly) British thing. Boyf is American and having worked in the UK and USA has found out first hand how people in the states are far more positive and praise-worthy there. Having never been to America(but saving for my first trip!) I can only speculate, but us Brits definitely suffer from Tall Poppy Syndrome.

I just looked up the performance on youtube, to see the comments. Most that I read were good, which I think is fantastic. If anything, people seem to have preferred her to Whitney Houston, who sang her new single. When interviewed Whitney came across as aloof, detached, and cold. Cheryl, by contrast, always seems warm and friendly. Her dancing and look were amazing too. Maybe it's about more than just the voice. Here's to successful women!


  1. it's definitely a brit thing. some one from new zealand recently delighted in telling me that we're known over there for complaining and whinging about everything. I for one hope to change this...no more complaining from me!!!

    cheryl rocked!



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