Because I'm worth it!

Haven't been writing much at all recently. There's no big deep reason for this, just that I keep forgetting to put my n0tebook in my bag. I keep thinking of lines for poems and having nowhere to put them! Also had a hectic couple of weeks. That's why I'm using today to chill out and reflect on everything from the past few weeks.

The best thing is that I got a promotion at work! When I started there boyf gave me the following advice: keep your head down, do your work, and you'll get noticed. Guess he was right! It was a bit of a rush to complete the application form and then there was the interview, which I felt had gone well but you can never really tell can you! Got good interview feedback too which was great.

Had some great nights out over the past month too. Been to see loads of movies; The Proposal, The Final Destination, The Time Traveller's Wife and Sorority Row. We always seem to decide to go last minute so don't always have the best pick of the flicks. There are also a lot of films that I like the look of but prefer to get on DVD than go and see on the big screen.

Went to an amazing party last weekend. A friend of a friend organised this:
People we knew were djing so we went along to show our support, and also have a damn good time! We danced till we dropped, got nicely tipsy, and camped out afterwards. Although waking up to cows mooing is one hell of a mind bender!

It's not long now till I can see my family again now. The year seems to be going faster and faster and I know before I realise it will be Christmas. I'm hoping to have a Chester Christmas this year. The last 2 ones have been family Christmases so I fancy a change.

I've just got a tax rebate, which I'm ecstatic about. Didn't know if I'd be entitled to one, so gonna use the cash to get some new clothes, and take boyf out. I have come round to the way of thinking that I should allocate myself a clothes budget for work, as I wear my own clothes to work. I have become a bit of a social butterfly this year, which is fab after years of not going out much.

So I intend to go everywhere looking fabulous!


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