The Good Life

I haven't blogged for over 2 weeks, which is a long time for me. I've been too busy enjoying myself! In the 5 months to end of July I realise now I was putting far too much importance on work rather then play. As my best mate said this weekend, work is just the thing we do so we can have the things we want.

Boyf's birthday was 10 days ago. We had both booked the day and the day after off work so knew we could really enjoy ourselves. I travel 20 miles each way to work so most days we don't even see each other in the mornings, so it was bliss just being able to do simple things like have breakfast together, that I'm sure most people take for granted. We went for a lovely drive in the country, which is not very far, and ended up going for a pub lunch. We hadn't done anything like that for so long, as we'd both been exhausted, from working all the time. Afterwards we went for a lovely walk in the nature park near where we live, and saw the mother of all caterpillars, it was amazing! That night we met friends&family(his) in the pub and it was lovely to have all the people that love boyf together. Everyone else was working the next day but we had a few more drinks than usual - neither of us drinks very much- which was great. The next day we both did our own thing, it was nice for me just having time to choose more books from the local library and have a nosy at the sales, then having a nice dinner together in the evening. I think it's so important in any relationship, be it romantic or friendship, to make time for each other.

Since then I have been working, where things seem to change by the day, plus I've been confirmed as permanent at work, which is great. People sometimes complain about their jobs, but with the credit crunch going on and people who I know who've lost jobs, I just thank my lucky stars every day that I have a job I can rely on and guaranteed money every month. I'm not on mega bucks, but I have a good life, which is the most anyone can ask for really.

This weekend my best mate from Somerset has been staying. Him and boyf met briefly on Friday, then boyf had to dart off, he's at a music festival in Germany with some friends. I had become a bit of a recluse lately in terms of going out, and it was good that my best mate dragged me out not 1 but 2 nights in a row. On Friday night we went to a gangsters and molls night - fancy dress of course! The music was funky house and, although I would never gone to a funky house night if our friend hadn't organised it, I absolutely loved the music - it really opened my mind to a different style of music.

Last night we went gay clubbing to a little bar/club - my best mate is gay- and I think it was the first time I've been to a gay club and felt really as though I could just let myself go and dance without worrying what people thought of me. Maybe it's to do with getting older and being more sure of yourself. It did strike me though that it must be awful for people who can't openly express their sexuality in public. I don't mean being all over each other - I think that's awful whether it's done by straight or gay couples- but I certainly take it for granted walking down the street holding boyf's hand, whereas a gay person would have to make sure they were in a very open and accepting neighbourhood before even thinking about doing that. It was obviously a bar where there were a lot of regulars and I was just glad that those people had some sort of an outlet where they could go and just express themselves without fear of being judged or ridiculed. Because, at the end of the day, that's all anyone really needs.


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