Summer holidays

I have finally had some time off work, for the first time in 5 months. To say it was long overdue is an understatement. I was originally planning to go for around a week, but as my hospital appointment for the neurologist came through in the week I was originally going to go, I was lucky that my team leader allowed me to change the date of my holiday, giving me a whole 10 days off!

Half of that was spent with my fanily in sunny Somerset, and I've been spending the rest of it back in Chester, chilling out. Having my time split over two different places really allowed me to see the difference between the two places, it's almost like having two lives...In Somerset it was mainly about family. I arrived at my sister's house with my Mum, expecting my nephew, while not giving me a big kiss at least to give me a smile. Iwas horrified when he took one look at me and started screaming his head off. Not being used to babies, I didn't fully understand how attached they get to their Mums and the people who see them every day. The little monkey is very clingy at the momet with his Mum, so I decided to take a step back, sitting down and while not pretending he wasn't there, just focussing on other things.

I was pleasantly surprised when, within half an hour, he came over to me with the pot of raisins he'd been playing with and put one in my hand. My Mum said I was very lucky as it usually took him much longer to adapt to someone he hasn't seen in a while. Maybe spending pretty much every day of his first 7 months with him left some deep memories of me.

The next day me, my Mum, sister and nephew went out for a lunch at our local Italian restaurant - lunch for £3, would have been rude to refuse! That was when I realised just how long it takes to do something simple, like having lunch, with a baby. Don't get me wrong, he was as good as gold, and even charmed the ladies on the table behind us by waving at them and grining, but my sister didn't get to touch her food for ages. It's weird when someone close to you has a baby because you have to get used to them never finishing a sentence. Luckily my brother in law babysat on Monday morning and we got to have some quality sister chat over a coffee.

The next day me and my sister took little monkey to the beach - only a five minute walk- where he made sandcastles and trod his toes in the seas. It's strange because often in the past when I've gone down to Somerset, although I've walked along the sea wall many a time, I don't often go ON the beach. Silly really, but it was great smelling the sea salt and collecting unusual stones to take back oop North.

Later that day my cousins arrived and it was great to see them. I gave the youngest a book and card for his 9th birthday. I was so happy when he clearly loved the book - a series recommended by a colleague at work with a nine year old-Captain Underpants and the Wicked Wedgie Woman! We went off to the park where we played cricket - I say played, but most of us just stood around trying to catch the ball, and failing to hit it when it was our turn to bat, but it's the taking part that counts, right?

In the evening we played more cricket, this time on the beach, where we saw a double rainbow. I'd never seen one before, it was amazing. Afterwards we played rounders in a different park. It had been so long since I'd played any of those games I really enjoyed myself. It also made me think that my life in the last 5 months has been too much work and not enough about play. Of course my career is important to me, but I know now I need to switch off a bit more when I go home and remember to have fun too.

The next day was little monkeys's 1st birthday and we celebrated this with a picnic in the park. It was absolutely lovely and I got to see some of my brother in law's family who I'd not seen for ages, and meet a few new people too. Unfortunately that day I was gripped by one of the worst migraines I'd had in a long time. Co-incidentally(or not) I'd had a glass of red wine the night before. No more red wine for me. After 2 lots of painkillers, putting on a hat, and some 4head stuff my Mum gave me to sweep across my forehead I began to feel vaguely human. I was so glad my hospital appointment was 3 days after that.

On the Sunday we all went out for lunch which was lovely. I decided against a roast - I like my own and my dad's roast so much, I am often disappointed if I eat one out- and we all had pudding; naughty but nice as my Granny would say! I am still laughing about my 9 year old 2nd cousin's question - "is Spotted Dick infectious?"!!! We all laughed so much nobody could speak.

The last day in Somerset led to me going out for a Cream Tea with my best mate from Somerset. In the North they don't do Cream Teas, not proper ones anyway. I wondered why he looked surprised when I said let's have 2 scones each not 1 - when they arrived they were the size of both my hands! I had to take one home to my Dad, something he was very happy about. In the early evening, my best mate took me to the train station, and I was left reflecting on how lucky I am to have such good family and friends.

Back in Chester it was wonderful to see boyf again - he'd had to work - and be back in the city that I call home these days. Neurologist appointment went well - I have been prescribed Beta blockers to prevent the migraines. I hoep they work - I haven't really been able to live a normal 20 something's life the past 3 months so I hope they make a real difference to my quality of life.

The past few days I have been lounging around the house, doing laundry, cooking nice dinners - sounds very dull but has been bliss. Today is my payday so I plan to, as well as buying boyf some choice birthday presents, spend some of my cash that I've worked so hard for on myself.

My body has changed recently, I do yoga which keeps me toned but I am definitely bigger in the chest area, which I can't complain about! So much so that when my borther in law saw me he asked me if I'd had breast implants, and my gay best mate said "oh my God they're massive!" Well I have to get some nice tops to show them off in- you know what they say, if you've got it, flaunt it!


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