Over time

Right now, although I've just had a good nights sleep, my brain is so fuddled from constant working that I can hardly write coherently. I've done two 6 day weeks in a row.

Someone at work asked me why I do overtime recently, and it seemed to me a strange question. The main reason is to make more money, which I'm sure one of us can turn down in these troubled times, but also to take in some of the massive backlog of work that otherwise would just sit there. I think although we all know it will only make a dent in the piles of paper, something is better than nothing right?

But it was actually quite a good question. There are opportunities to do evenings in additon to the normal 37 hour week . With overtime, that would make a 50+hour week. I think there comes a point when you are so exhausted from working all the time that you have no time or energy to enjoy the extra money that you've made, whether you'd get that Latte in Starbucks that you would normally skimp on or buy a whole new Primark wardrobe.

I have 10 days off starting Wednesday. It's my first stretch of holiday for 5 months. That's too long. I am spending some of it with my family in Somerset and some chilling back oop North. I can't wait. Work is not my life - my family and friends are...


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