My Dad the Superhero

Today is Father's Day. As my Dad lives 200 miles away and it would take me the best part of a day to get down there and the same to come back, I didn't go down there for it this year. I am thinking of him though...

I have always had a good relationship with my Dad. We are quite similar in a lot of ways, both competitive, love our food, and work ourselves into the ground so we can live the lives we want. My Mum has always worn the trousers in their relationship. I know she won't mind me putting that because it's true. I always knew never to cross a line with my Dad though; although he is not the strictest parent he puts his foot down when it's needed.

I remember when I was a student 7 or 8 years ago and home for the summer, we would 'take the dog for a walk' every day. Of course it would have been rude not to have an ice cream by the sea while we walked the dog! We are a terrible influence on each other where junk food's concerned; although we both have a good diet and exercise- he has to walk 3 times a day as he has a bad back - we both have a fondness for sweets, crisps, burgers, chips, pizzas - you name it we'll eat it! They have opened a KFC since I moved up here, in my home town. I can tell by the way my Dad says every week when we speak on the phone, since it opened, that he hasn't been yet that he really wants to go. So I am hatching a plan to take him for a KFC when I am down there in a month's time. Just don't tell my Mum!

I would say I have been through a hell of a lot in my life, for the age of 27. Most of that I don't need to go into here and, if you are a friend of mine you will already know it. But my point is, my Dad was there for me through everything. Even when I made bad decisions, chose the wrong men, or took jobs that weren't right for me, he never passed judgement, just listened to me. Actually I've lost count of the number of times he's said 'you're not going out dressed like that!' but doesn't every Dad say that?

Me and My Dad share the same sense of humour. It's a real toilet sense of humour, burps, builders bums, we practically wet ourselves laughing at that 'farts are not funny' thing years ago. We also have very short lived stare out competitions, it takes less than 10 seconds for one of us to Mum says 'you two are rubbish' but then she is a stare out champion!

I am lucky because I have my Dad's eyes. Big blue deep set eyes. My Dad definitely looks younger than he is. I would love to give him a makeover as he has typical Dad style, but I guess that's part of his charm. I am going to ring him later for a good chat and see if he liked the present I sent him. I got a lovely card, and bought a gorgeous photo album, into which I inserted 25 pictures from while my sister was pregnant, after my nephew was born, and me and boyf since I moved up here. I made sure to include one that would make him say 'you're not going out dressed like that!' I have also written a poem 'My Dad the Superhero' which I have posted on my myspace blog.

My Dad won't read this as they don't have internet at home. But the most important part is, he'll read the poem and know that My Dad's a Superhero. Fact.


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