Made up

It's been a busy week. The first 5 day week I'd done since a month of 2 bank holidays, 1 week with a privilege day at work thanks to HMRC, and being off sick the week in May. I predicted it was going to be tiring and it was. As I've said before I work for a government department and it makes me grateful every day to have landed such a good job. It was a very rigorous recruitment process, due to the job situation in the UK for the forseeable future, it is very competitive at the moment. There were 10 jobs advertised back in November. 1000 people applied. They invited 500 of us to the next stage of testing in December. They interviewed 120 of us. You're reading these figures right. 120 people for 10 jobs. The competition was fierce and I was amazed, in January, to be offered a permanent position. I moved 200 miles at the end of February - after clearance- to start the job on 2nd March and live with boyf.

I have to say I've never been happier. As there were 10 of us starting at the same time, we were all in the same boat, especially as the majority of us had had gaps in employment after finishing short term/temporary contracts/being made redundant, we could all identify with each other. About 5 of us becae very close and I really feel we will be lifelong friends. I feel lucky because at the end of the day you're there to work, but it's nice to have friends at work who you can go out to lunch and the pub with as well as a bit of banter in the office.

Anyway I've got a bit sidetracked on what this blog was supposed to be about. Not like me that! Yesterday I went for a free Body Shop makeover. I didn't use the Body Shop for about 2 years until moving up here. partly beacuse I didn't live near one, but partly because I felt they had sold out a bit. I think I have written about this before so I won't go into it too much. I was buying a make up brush a few weeks ago and they asked me if I would like a free makeover. I didn't have time right then but they gave me a number to call to book one. I found the card a few weeks ago and booked one.

The day arrived yesterday and I was VERY excited! I think in the 21st century we spend so much time rushing around we never give ourselves time to stop and be still. I asked for a natural look with some summery eyeshadows. The girl was very thorough, went round each area of make up e.g base, eyes, and asked what I used at the moment and what I would like to try. There was no pressure to buy anything which I really liked. I hate pressure to spend, it puts my back right up.

I felt so glamorous sitting on a stool in the shop having my make up done while shoppers passing by loooked at me. They didn't actually put a lot of make up on me. There was foundation blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, and mascara. The best part was the blusher and the eyes. The blusher really higlighted my cheek bones - I have quite a small face- and the eyeshadow had a natural white up to the brow bone, natural pink on the lids, a pale green over that, a dark colour in the corners and eyeliner on part of the eyes, not in the corners - a good tip to make my eyes look even bigger. The mascara made my lashes look even longer.

When I looked in the mirror I was amazed. I have always been happy with my looks and comfortable in my own skin but I don't think I've ever felt so beautiful. I wear make up pretty much every day, not because I'm not hapy with the natural look but it makes me feel good. Make up is not a new thing, it's been around for centuries in various forms. Female beauty is the most powerful force of all I would say. Apart from love and nature. Athough beauty is natural isn't it? And make up makes the most of what you've got. So my advice to any girl who isn't happy with her looks would be make the most of what you've got and one day you'll be happy in the skin you're in. I'm not wearing any make up as I type. I feel beautiful.


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