'The current econmic climate'

Every now and then I think about inventing a Credit Crunch drinking game. You could play it watching the news...every time the phrases unemplyment, job losses, recession etc are used you could have a shot and by the end of the headlines you would probably feel a lot beter about the state of our society.

In all seriousness, it may sound strange, but I think the recession could turn out to benefit 21st century people in the long run, particularly of my generation. We've had it so easy for far too long, it drives me mad when you are buying something in a shop and you get asked if you want to open a store card. Only they don't word it like that, and cetainly don't draw your attention to the small print, which exposes the disgusting type of user agreement which allows people who are either short of willpower, cash, or sense to 'benefit' from spending money they don't have at the lovely expense of 29+% APR interest. Can't pay it off in full? No problem, just pay the minimum for the next xxx years. Sign away your soul on the dotted line...

I have become (I think) fairly good with money in the past couple of years, partly because I am no longer with somebody who scrounges and steals from me, but that's another story. I increasingly pay cash for things(very sobering) and have created a spreadsheet for all my household expenses. I have a driving licence but don't have a car at the moment. I get around perfectly well on public transport, and quite enjoy not having the expense and stress of running a car, well worth the odd 10 minutes getting cold at the bus stop, I read 2-3 books a week on the train to work and use my evenings to relax.

It makes me laugh when people complain because they can't afford to go on holiday, they seem to see it as a necessity rather than the luxury that it is. I doubt very much that I will go abroad this year but will go and visit family and friends down south, and for me the value of spending time with people I love most is better than any package deal hotpsot full of drunken brits singing football songs.

If anyone hasn't already heard of him, subscribe to Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert emails. The man is a god and I have saved so much money by following his articles and tips. I really have the mentality now of save up for something or don't buy it at all. I bought some perfume recently that I had wanted for months and I appreciate it far more than if I had just stuck it on a credt card.

I really hope people see some sense from the current situation and, like I have, use job losses to reinvent yourself and excel in another field.


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