Baggage Limits

I bought some new luggage this week.  Not an unusual occurence you'd think, but you'd be wrong.  The last time I bought anything to hold my essentials on my travels was in 2006.  Seven whole years ago.  I can recall the exact trip so clearly, as I bought 2 suitcases to take to Florence and Pisa on a trip with my Mum and Sister.

I can also remember the shopping trip as I was with my ex(he whose name of which we do not speak) and was living in Liverpool.  I bought 2 suitcases, one small and light purple and one big and pink.  It was from T J Hughes in Liverpool, another sign of the times -as far as I'm aware it has since closed down, another casualty of the recession. 

They were super lightweight, I remember my Mum and Sister laughing at me as I told them I was taking two suitcases on holiday, they laughed even harder when I was running as fast as my little legs could carry me at the airport.  I took so many clothes, my Mum had told me "Katy you can't take jeans to Italy, people always dress smartly in Italy."  First thing we saw when we got into Florence...people wearing jeans.  I ended up wearing some of my work clothes while we were away, we did , look very chic though.  My sister was laughing on the other side of her face when she got charged extra for her luggage(sorry sis but I had to share) one point to Katy and her lightweight luggage!

I've lost count of how many places those suitcases have been.  I have used the smaller one most, perfect for a long weekend away, though it is wearing out now, hence the reason for the shopping trip.  It has been to France on the Eurostar.  It has been on countless trips to Somerset to visit family.  It has been to Bristol to visit my bestie.  I seem to spend half my life packing and unpacking a bag, it's a good thing I love travel.

This time it is 2013 and I am still living in the North West though another part, no longer in that relationship(I ended it in early 2007), have weathered a recession and working in a different industry. I have become a performance poet in my own right.  I am also in a relationship with someone amazing, who I have been with for a while now.  That's another reason for me making the purchase - we are hoping to go abroad for the first time together this year.

On Tuesday, the sun was shining, I went to Debenhams where I am living(the city, I don't live in a department store), and with the help and patience of their staff picked out my new luggage.  It is still lightweight, it is a deep shade of violet, and it is beautiful.  Here's to many more travels, with considerably less baggage...


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