Guiding light

So, the festive season is over and, as those of you who know me well, it was a mixed experience for me.  Things happened to taint the experience somewhat, although it's strange how sometimes things can take place to make you realise the people and the things that are most important.

This year I will(gulp) leave my 20s, and all the words in the world couldn't sum up how much I've learnt in the last decade. I don't make resolutions, but I do intend to not associate with people who give less than they receive in friendships, and only give my time to those who I know will cherish it.

Of course geography doesn't allow us to see those we love as much as we would like, but that's what mobiles/email/facebook/old fashioned letters are for right?

So for those I'm lucky to have in my life, who have sent me messages of support and love recently, here's to making more memories.  Those dear departed; may you watch over me, you live on in my heart and my head - you are my guiding light...


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