Diversion in the road ahead

Life's a funny old thing.  When I was a little girl I used to play weddings with my friends, taking it in turns to be the man and dressing up in one of my friend's old net curtains.  It's like now when I see female children of friends and colleagues dressed in pink and loving Peppa pig, while my nephew loves Thomas the Tank Engine.  Almost as if, certainly with children, we are preconditioned to act a certain way.

Then we grow up, and realise that life doesn't always happen that way.  Many girls hate pink, haven't a clue how to cook and many boys hate football.  Although I do love pink, beautiful things and am not too bad in the kitchen, I seem to be lacking the bride gene.  And the babies one for that matter.

I remember thinking when I was 18 that I might like to get married and have kids by the time I was 25.  In that time 9/11, war in Afghanistan, and 7/7 while not destroying my faith in fairytales, pretty much halted my belief that my life could be one.

I took the difficult - although once I had made the decision it was easy- choice of ending the only long term relationship I'd ever had, as I knew I wasn't being true to my heart.  I also moved back down south after seven years in the North West and, although I later discovered the North brought me true happiness - or a certain someone I had met there did- and returned albeit to a different city.

Some of my friends were getting married at the time, that was the right thing for them then, but I decided not to follow that path.  In the last year or two, a number of my friends have had children, again the right choice for them at that stage of their lives and while I have loved being lucky enough to meet some of their little cuties, certainly at this stage of my life having children isn't for me.  Some people react with incredulousness that someone is actively not choosing to do this, but a lifestyle choice for one isn't right for another.

So, for now, career, home life, love and friends are all fine and dandy.  It's not quite the yellow brick road.  It's my path though.


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