Body Image& Self reflection

Body image is something that fascinates me and when I came across this I couldn't resist.  Feel free to complete your own!

I am beautiful because I feel beautiful.

I am strong because my exercise regime has put me in my peak physical fitness so far, dance workout DVD, lots of walking and yoga seems to be the perfect combination for me.

My favorite physical activity is dancing on a night out, losing myself in the rhythm of music and just letting my hair down.

I nourish my body because I reap the rewards, Body Shop body butter is stuff of the gods, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream is amazing too.

My loved ones make me feel great about my body when they tell me I look good, compliment me etc.

My loved ones make me feel bad about my body when they point out my flaws.  I already know them so don't need reminding!

I feel best about myself when I'm dressed and made up for a night on the town, love the whole process of getting ready, putting on gorgeous body lotion, a lovely outfit and special make up.  Plus doing my hair!

I feel bad about myself when I have bad PMT or am feeling insecure.  I try not to let women's magazines bother me anymore in that way, have wasted far too much time doing that.

A truly positive body image means feeling comfortable in your own skin.

I love being me because I am unique and there is nobody else like me.

I wish that I could give myself permission to not feel pressure from seeing so many fake tanned girls, most of the time I love my English Rose skin tone though.

I always feel comfortable in my own skin when I am in my birthday suit!

The lesson I’ve learned about my body image this year is finally being happy with it, just a shame it took so many years.

If I could change one thing about my life it would be have a clothing allowance paid for by work, wearing your own clothes to work takes its toll!

My favorite part about spring is transitional clothes and shimmering sunshine on my a girl can never have enough sunglasses!


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