Beautiful people

2010 was a great year, although there were some ups and downs, which I wouldn't have got through without my lovely friends. Friendship is an interesting one as I, like many others use facebook, twitter etc and although I have hundreds of friends on there, I could count my best friends on one hand. So I wanted to put down in words how much they mean to me, because I don't say it nearly often enough.

This fella and myself have known each other half our lives, a scary thought in itself(we're getting on a bit!), and we have helped each other through so many life changes, sweet sixteens, eighteenth and twenty first birthdays, uni life, heartbreak, and too many hangovers to mention. It's hard to put into words how good a friend this person is(although I have forgiven him for the time he gave me a makeover, and I looked in the mirror to see a big red clown mouth). Perhaps it's illustrated by the fact, that recently we caught up briefly for the first time in nearly a year and a half, and it was as if we'd seen each other the previous day. What else do you want in a best friend than someone who listens tirelessly to your insecurities, tells you when your outfit is terrible(and equally when it's fabulous), and who you trust implicitly?

Mrs G
Me and this lovely lady have been friends since we started school, and although it's been far too long since we last saw each other(3 years), I know that we will always be in each other's lives. I have so many special memories of our years of friendship; ballet classes, camping(in her front garden and at a festival), getting chicken pox at the same time which meant we could still play our favourite games, getting locked out of my Mum and Dad's ridiculously early, my Mum proclaiming every time she sees us together 'how long have you two been friends now', so much laughter, and being there on her wedding day - one of the best days I have ever had - to the person who is the most perfect match I could have ever wished for her to end up with. Those who know me well, will know I'm not a believer in marriage for the most part, but these two give me faith that for some people wedded bliss is the way forward. Looking forward to many more memories to come with Mrs G!

Party Girl
Me and this girl have been friends since high school and then we shared classes and lunchtimes, now we share cocktails and the resulting hangovers, complete with enough post party analysis to rival Carrie and Miranda of SATC fame. We lost touch for a few years when I was at uni, and I am so glad we got back in touch and meet up regularly - although not as often as we both intend - for dinner, drink(s) and chick flicks. As a number of my friends are married or sprogged up, it's so refreshing to spend time with a single girl who is not afraid to do what she wants, when she wants and doesn't have to answer to anyone. This girl is stronger than she even realises and I think we have many more nights out in our dancing shoes to come!

Goth girl
This young lady has mellowed considerably in the last few years, although I like(and hope) that she always keeps her rebellious side that highlighted her to me all those years ago. We first became friends in high school, both loving Drama(who wouldn't grasp the opportunity to walk around in eyeliner and fishnets) and Literature. Sixth Form brought us even close together as we were dubbed The Goths by the more conventional types, a label we were happy to embrace and our love of rock/indie/metal music meant we stood out from the crowd, and my friendship with this girl meant I had the self belief to do so. I will never forget the support from this girl who gave me the courage four years ago to end a destructive relationship and change my life for the better, discarding those around me who were toxic, she knows I will always support her whatever choices she makes in life too. She has now met a lovely guy and had a beautiful baby boy, who I can't wait to meet. A testament to how well we get on was when we met last year for the first time in two and a half years, and I ended up missing my train back up North as we didn't stop talking . This girl has taught me to never be afraid to be true to yourself, and not to be afraid to be different.

The Domestic Goddess/Yummy Mummy
Okay so this one's family, but she is also one of my best friends also. I was over the moon when my poem about her 'Rapunzel' was published last year, and I was able to read it at an open mic night when she was there, a truly special moment. We have shared so much laughter over the years and the fact that she used to get me into pubs when I was 14 actually meant that I became used to and enjoyed socialising with those older than my years, and had even more memories of dancing till our feet hurt - to the extent that we blew the speakers dancing to The Chemical Brothers. Since becoming a Mum this person has exhibited even more amazing abilities to multitask(baking fairy cakes while cleaning), as well as bringing a person into our lives who is so small, yet brings so much joy and light into all our days. She doesn't even realise how beautiful she is.

You are all incredibly loved. If anyone else has friends as good as these then they will count their blessings!


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