November(and the end of October) has been a lovely chilled out month. I started November with a much deserved week off which was filled with fun times, chillaxing, and some of my favourite beautiful people. So, in the past month I've had 2 poems published in Chester Poets latest anthology 'Habitats of the Mind', walked the city walls in autumn(my absolute favourite time to do it), had an amazing day trip to Liverpool where we saw the new John Lennon memorial, performed at Dead Good Poets in Liverpool, saw some amazing art, went to a fascinating(hands on) exhibiton at World Museum on DNA where I discovered my grip strength left a lot to be desired, scattered a Poetry Found booklet which I've had 2 haikus published in, got glammed up for a girls night out, had too many cocktails(and danced till my feet hurt), and watched the Christmas lights being switched on(so pretty.) So that's November almost done with. Bring on the festive season!


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