New beginnings

I was going to write a blog about new beginnings, a new month etc. Then I realised I'd left my mobile in with my bedding in the washing machine...def need the bank holiday I think!

You don't realise how much you use your mobile until something like that happens. As a clock, alarm clock, organiser etc. I don't actually give that many people my mobile number. A lot of friends/family etc I chat to by email/facebook etc. Anyway, new beginnings...

I always see 1st May as a time for new beginnings. Looking back on how different my life was a year ago it's kind of crazy. I had a major health scare(crippling migraines which left me numb on one side-now under control), got promoted, and moved house, plus have become established as a performance poet.

Looking out of the window I can see gorgeous sunshine and I can't wait to get out in it later. It's bank holiday weekend and I have lots planned. Today I'm getting my eyebrows threaded for a second time(it looked so good and lasted so long I'm going back!) and my hair done. Plus hoping to open an ISA.

I already have a savings account linked to my current account and I want to open an ISA as I am earning more than I was when I opened the savings account, so want to save a bit more as well. One is my holiday/car/emergencies fund and the other will be my holiday spending fund. I am hoping to get away somewhere this winter - more time to save! Plus I am saving to go to New Zealand in 2 and a bit years(the year I'm 30.) My cousin lives out there and my sister's friend so can't wait!

Been mega busy recently and things don't show any sign of slowing down. This is a good thing. I am blessed with fantastic friends and family, a good job, and a great social life. In the last year I've been to 8 open floor nights and was one of the runner ups at a poetry slam. Going from never having been to an open floor night, to being a regular at at least 2 nights in Chester alone has gone beyond my wildest dreams.

Global domination can only be a step away...


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