Simple things

I'm trying to look after the pennies so the pounds look after themselves at the moment. After a couple of months of big spending(stayed in Manchester for a weekend with an old friend from school where eating out and partying hard were on the menu-AMAZING!) and my Mum and Dad visited for a week-well I couldn't expect them to want to sit around and do anything would I!-then I went down south to see my family for Easter which was wonderful. So April is being a skintish month for me.

It's funny how when you are trying to be careful with money, you rediscover the simple things in life. The last two weekends I have been lucky because the sun has been shining. I'm the sort of person that I find it hard to sleep in at the best of times. Then comes summer with the sun streaming through the curtains and I find lying in bed IMPOSSIBLE when I know there's a beautiful day out there just waiting to be explored.

Last Saturday(on another mission to save money) we decided to walk into Chester. Bear in mind this was 2 miles from where I was that day. And it was hot. xxxs of calories burnt off (and a bucket of sweat)later I felt well exercised and virtuous for having saved £3 on the bus. By then a good appetite had been worked up so went to Boots to buy lunch(got to love those meal deals!) and then wandered down to the river to eat it. It seemed half the population of Chester had the same idea, but for once the crowds didn't bother me - there was no rush and there was a lovely chilled out vibe down there, The people of Chester were very respectfully dressed for the weather - not a bikini top or pair of hotpants in sight!

Friday night came round (eventually) and as I knew I was trying to save cash I decided to get a (supermarket) pizza, some beer and watch one of my chick flicks. It was most enjoyable(some quality me time) and, thanks to the mammoth bottle of Peroni I consumed, I slept like a baby.

Saturday morning again(if the rest of this summer comes round so fast I'll be happy) and that sunshine was beckoning me again, stroking my temples and whispering 'come out to play' in my ear. First stop was the library - I'm sure those librarians must think 'there she comes again' when I walk in with my big bag of returns, clutching my list of the next Orange prize longlisted title I want to read.

After that I was free for a repeat performance of last week's lunch by the river. However as my companion said 'that looks like pea soup' when I chose my kiwi, lime and apple smoothie, every time I went to lift it to my lips my brain was saying 'pea soup pea soup!' so I didn't enjoy it as much as expected. Did try a chocolate waffle ice cream cone though with a cherry crumble flavoured scoop.

Today I went to the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm which I would thoroughly recommend. Either as a family(there are a number of children's play areas) or for adults it is well worth a visit. The duck pond is great, all the little animals are gorgeous, and the best part is, it's free. Plus you know, it would have been rude not to try one of those Cheshire ice creams...


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