Jewel in the Crown

Looking out of my window at the pouring rain, it's hard to believe I've just had my summer holiday.  It was my first full week off work since Christmas(when my whole family was struck down with bad colds) and I so needed it.  I am not very good at just relaxing and doing nothing, but I forced myself to have just a couple of days chilling out the first few days of my week off, watching daytime TV and drinking tea before the family invaded, as well as some quality time with the bf.

I often spend my holidays from work travelling to see family who live in the South West, so it was lovely to have them come to me this time.  As myself and the bf are saving for nice holidays(when we can actually co-ordinate our holidays from work) I decided to have a staycation for my summer break.  I'm sure if I was originally from the North West I'd feel differently, but as this week showed, there are parts of the city I live in that I still haven't explored yet. 

On the first afternoon(when they arrived), we went into the city centre and ended up having coffee and cake at M&S cafe which has fab views of the city.  In the evening I cooked a meal for us(love cooking!) then we went to my local for a drink - my local is fabulous yet I hardly ever go there.

We were up early on their first full day and off to the zoo which I had not been to for years.  I did turn into a bit of a big kid and we got to see so much, as well as a trip on the monorail and some Cheshire farm ice cream.

On the Friday we had a grooming day when we both(me and my Mum) had our eyebrows threaded, and I had mine tinted.  Still can't believe the difference it makes!  After a seemingly never ending quest to find an outfit(so many clothes and nothing to wear) we struck gold and headed back to my place to start getting ready.  We had a lovely meal at a French place in the city centre(blighted a bit by a rowdy group of guys but good nonetheless) where the bf was able to join us, and finished the evening at my favourite bar with a cocktail.

On their final day we went out for breakfast, to a place I'd always wanted to go to but hadn't(too near my house), I had a Mediterranean breakfast which was amazing.  Was so glad I took a break from the norm.  As I'd suggested an early Father's day trip for my Dad as I won't be seeing him on the day itself, we went for a combined Sightseeing bus and River Boat cruise, having been on the cruise with work the previous week I definitely appreciated it sober!  On the last evening we were all shattered so ate sweets, chocolate and crisps and watched Have I Got News for You before bed.

They are now back safe, and I am chilling out befor the return to the chaos of work tomorrow(hoping to remember how to do my job).  I was so glad I took the time this week to see and appreciate the beautiful city I live in, and spend quality time with some of my beautiful people.  Am going to try and attach some photos too to give a taster of my week.  :)


  1. It sounds like you had a graet time. You've got to love Chester Zoo. Last time I went they had just got two new baby elephants. Glad you got to see the penguins too! Hope everything is going really well in in the North West


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